1958521_905226432908287_1081350029946547676_nI  write games, comics, screenplays, radio plays, and novels  – including Death Sentence London with Martin Simmonds for Titan Comics, The X-men and Hulk, Frenemies with Yishan Li and various other series in the works.  My comics have been published by Marvel, Titan, Delcourt, DC, and 2000ad among others. I created a hit creator-owned graphic novel with Mike Dowling called Death Sentence – available to order worldwide from your local comic shop, or book retailer – which really kicked off my career as a writer. I won an award for comics scholarship in 2018 and have a deep interest in both the history of comics and the formal properties of how they work. I spend a lot of time drawing, usually concepts and covers for comics and sometimes the interior art too. My agent is James Wills at Watson, Little Ltd and I live in Dundee, Scotland with my wife and daughter. Outside of work I enjoy all kinds of sport, marathon running, football, tennis, hiking, pubs, reading, sci-fi and all the joys of Dad-life.   

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