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GRAPHIC NOVELS and BOOKS – on Backerkit


Little Deaths Artbook


A stunning perfect bound 48 page book collection of the best paintings, concepts, and covers by Monty Nero. The artwork channels a dirty, punky aesthetic infused with notes of melancholy, featuring – All Death Sentence covers and concept sketches – Sci-fi paintings, characters and covers (including Doctor Who) – Icons (Bjork, The Shining, Jimi Hendrix, Clockwork Orange etc) – Comic Book Legends (Batgirl, Daredevil, Ghost, Judge Dredd etc) – Fantasy and Horror paintings


DS london cover

Death Sentence London: Graphic Novel 2 (192 pages)


The taboo-smashing epic of sex, death and superpowers is back for an unforgettable story featuring Verity, Weasel, Roots, and Jeb! The G-Plus virus, which grants people strange abilities but six months to live, is spreading through the world’s populace faster than ever… Can a cure be found before their time runs out? Will the Americans or the British succeed in manipulating the virus for their own sinister purposes? Vivid characters, stunning artwork, a real-world feel and knife-sharp dialogue all combine to make “the best British comic in years” (Buzzfeed). Written by Montynero with art by Martin Simmonds.




Hollow Monsters #1 Deluxe Edition (56 pages)


This rare deluxe edition of Hollow Monsters 1 features 20 additional pages of detailed writer’s commentary notes and extensive concept designs for the series. Written, drawn and lettered by Monty Nero.


Hollow Monsters #2 (28 pages)


The second chapter in the Hollow Monsters series, written, drawn and lettered by Monty Nero



Frenemies #1 (28 page comic)


The first incredible issue of a brand new series – a sci-fi drama about seven rivals searching for a mysterious lost planet that might save or destroy the world. Written by Montynero with art by Yishan Li. First printing.


00 DSL Cover A sm_large

Death Sentence Liberty #1 printed – Monty Nero cover


Death Sentence Liberty #1 with cover art by Monty Nero.


DS Libert 2 Cover Ben Oliver_large

Death Sentence Liberty #2 printed – Ben Oliver cover


Death Sentence Liberty #2 printed with a brilliant Ben Oliver cover.


DS Liberty 3 Cover Luke Ross_large

Death Sentence Liberty #3 printed – Luke Ross Cover


Death Sentence Liberty #3 with a stunning cover by Marvel’s Luke Ross of Verity kneeling at gunpoint.


DS Liberty 4 Cover b_large

Death Sentence Liberty #4 printed – Monty Nero cover


First Edition of Death Sentence Liberty #4 with a stunning Monty Nero cover.



Death Sentence Liberty #1-4: The Story So Far


Get the complete run of Death Sentence Liberty from issue #1 to #4 for the cheapest price.


DS Liberty 4 variant Cover Ben Oliver small_large

Ben Oliver issue 4 Cover Variant (Limited to 50)


Ultra rare Ben Oliver issue 4 Cover Variant of Weasel – Limited to just 50 copies.


MERCHANDISE – on Backerkit


3 die-cut vinyl Death Sentence character stickers


3 die-cut vinyl Death Sentence character stickers of the legendary Verity, Monty, and Weasel.


Death Sentence cover 02_01c_art_large

Bookplate art print by Monty Nero – Character Montage Explosion


A Stunning Bookplate art print by Monty Nero featuring a character montage against the London skyline.


DS Libert 2 Cover Ben Oliver_large

Verity Art Print by Ben Oliver


A stunning art print of Verity by the legendary Ben Oliver.


Verity postcard set


3 gorgeous postcards featuring iconic paintings of Verity from Death Sentence.




Death Sentence: Graphic Novel 1

If you’re interested in my writing probably best to start with Death Sentence book 1 (also available on Amazon US here) with art by co-creator Marvellous Mike Dowling.

SEX, SUPERPOWERS AND SIX MONTHS TO LIVE! Verity: frustrated artist. Weasel: struggling guitarist. Monty: rogue media icon. Three people infected with the G+ virus, which grants them incredible powers – but which will kill them in six months! Will they fade away – or go out in a blaze of glory? From the streets of London to the North Atlantic, from muses lost to futures thrown away – Death Sentence is the jaw-dropping next step in superpowered storytelling! Funny, fearless and frightening, this collection of the hit series is an unforgettable comics debut.


Death Sentence London: Graphic Novel 2

(also available on Amazon US here)

The smash-hit sex-and-superpowers epic returns, with a brand-new artist and an all-new ongoing series! GREAT NEW JUMPING-ON POINT: Titan’s biggest creator-owned smash is back! Picks up right where the bestselling graphic novel left off – with London in ruins, psychic manipulator Monty ripped in half by failed musician Weasel – and rabbit-hatted invisible artist Verity missing, presumed dead! As England pulls itself back from the brink, new G-positive powers are popping up all over! As martial law and forced abstinence prey on the mind of the London Mayor, the American alphabet agencies are watching the London warzone with interest – and special agent Jeb Mulgrew might be next to be thrown into the fire! Collects Death Sentence: London #1-6 with art by Mighty Martin Simmonds.


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