Frenemies is a supercool sci-fi fantasy in which seven rivals compete to find a missing planet which will either save or destroy the world! It stars stunning LGBTQ and straight characters drawn by Yishan Li (Image, Dark Horse) and written by me, Monty Nero (Titan, Marvel). It’s funny, crazy and riffs on classics like Alien, Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Indiana Jones, Riverdale, and Birdman. You can buy the whole comic here or read pages online, with new pages appearing daily Monday to Friday.



Cai:cai small

Cai is a mischievous, charming Chinese language expert and sexual adventurer – with a dark secret which unravels as the story progresses. As a Phd student at Camford University she develops an unhealthy interest in Professor Min Yeong which will not end well. She’s also best friends with Hunter, but then she’s best friends with anyone who can help her succeed.


Delphine small

Delphine is an acerbic French cosplay princess with a lust for science, social climbing, and deception. She’s dating Sunny, who she loves like a favourite pet, but keeps her options open when it comes to sexual partners. She’s determined to turn their intergalactic adventure to her financial advantage, if she can survive the alien horrors of deep space.


carlton small

Carlton Dunbar is an irascible Professor of Mathematics at Camford University, desperately searching for his young son. His tireless pursuit of a single theory unifying quantum and particle physics is driven by grief, and has made him the foremost scholar in his field. His ruthlessness brings him into conflict with the others, especially when they discover the real reason they’re stuck billions of light-years from Earth. But his motives seem heartfelt, if tragically confused.


HUNTER small

Hunter’s a rich, bi, sporty, US entrepreneur whose motivations are as dark as his family history. He worked closely with Sunny to develop the technology to scan for alien artefacts, but it’s not clear how much he actually contributed beyond general ideas and funding, He and Sunny are close when the story begins, and he’s also been a good friend to Cai. But he doesn’t get on with Professor Carlton Dunbar at all, which is hard as he’s supervising Hunter’s Phd. Hunter sees himself as a positive, bright, helpful leader – but self awareness never was his strong point.


jamelia small

Jamelia Jackson;s is a bisexual genius from Ireland, unwilling to compromise in the face of annihilation. Her unbending principles guide all her decisions, throwing her into conflict with others of a more practical persuasion. She counts Delphine among her enemies, who seem to increase in number despite her best intentions. But her motives are good, and she might just have the steely resolve to succeed as the other falter


sunny small

Sunny is the youngest character – a brilliant, shy, child prodigy questioning his whole identity. Half English, half South Korean, he doesn’t really know his father, and has a strained relationship with his mother Professor Minerva Yeong. He is the least confident member of the group, even though he has the most ability. He has the sharpest mind, the best academic record, and is a protege of Professor Dunbar. Sunny designed the alien scanner the Frenemies all use, though Hunter will tell you it was a joint effort. He’s also utterly in love with Delphine, who holds an unhealthy influence over his decisions.


frenemies character lineup one

Professor Minerva Yeong is a wildly eccentric English explorer,  Professor of Art History, and trailblazing lesbian punk.  Rumours swirl that she moonlights as a paranormal expert and tomb raider. But her glittering career has come at the expense of a difficult relationship with her son Sunny, and she has no significant other. Minerva has the most experience of extra-normal adventures and strange new worlds, which leads to conflict with Carlton over who’s leading the team.

New story pages daily Monday to Friday.

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