Praise for Hollow Monsters

Some great reviews for Hollow Monsters have been popping up, which is heartening. Why am I posting them all here? Well, a good chunk of the time for the modern writer is spent convincing people to read your work. And it helps to give them quotes from reviews, readers, or experts, to sway their opinion. A... Continue Reading →

Hollow Monsters – a graphic novel

  It’s no easy thing creating a graphic novel. Writing, drawing, lettering, and publishing are all difficult skills to master. And yet it’s so simple in other ways: mere marks on a piece of paper. It’s this latter thought I’ll be holding on to as I battle through the next year, by the end of... Continue Reading →

Kickstarter Tips – Part 2: Mike Garley

I launched a Kickstarter comic last week (Currently 400% funded with a few weeks to go). While preparing that I was lucky enough to be offered good advice from people who know a lot more about Kickstarter than me. People like Mike Garley, now on his eighth successfully funded Kickstarter project. So, Mike, what are you... Continue Reading →

Introducing Hollow Monsters

Hollow Monsters is my attempt to move the graphic novel into new territory, by creating something ethereal, disturbing, challenging and profound, something which could only exist via Kickstarter. Set in the eighties, it concerns horrors real and imagined lurking in a suburban forest frequented by a gang of kids from a nearby estate, and how what... Continue Reading →

In Analysis: Alan Moore’s Future Shocks Part I

My thanks to the numerous comic fans and members of the 2000ad fan community who assisted in researching this article. Step with me through this two-part exploration of Alan Moore’s Future Shocks, encompassing key characteristics, techniques, allegations of plagiarism, and some wonderful sci-fi tropes established from the 1920's on. In part 1 we'll define Alan... Continue Reading →

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