In Analysis: Alan Moore’s Future Shocks Part I

My thanks to the numerous comic fans and members of the 2000ad fan community who assisted in researching this article. Step with me through this two-part exploration of Alan Moore’s Future Shocks, encompassing key characteristics, techniques, allegations of plagiarism, and some wonderful sci-fi tropes established from the 1920's on. In part 1 we'll define Alan... Continue Reading →

Reviews for Death Sentence

Popmatters " only the best parts of Watchmen — a social analysis that exceeds the medium of comics, easily the equal of Dostoyevsky or Dickens." MTV Geek "A smart, raw and relevant spin on the superhero genre." Brian Cronin, Comics Should Be Good! "Montynero and Mike Dowling bring a striking new voice to the superhero... Continue Reading →

Monty Whooooooo?!!

As a relatively new comic book writer I'm startled to see my name on five graphic novel collections already - two from Titan, two from Marvel, and one from Vertigo. I  wrote Death Sentence for Titan comics (English language) and Delcourt (French language), plus stories for Marvel's Hulk and  X-men series, and a short story and... Continue Reading →

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