Stay at home!

Some thoughts on the Coronavirus measures.

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All based on actual experience, of course. My hair’s gone wild, my glasses broke, I’m worried about needing the dentist, and I can’t get hand sanitizer or a Victorian hoop dress for love nor money!

How are you getting on with the emergency measures? Whatever you’re going through please, please stay at home as much as you can. Every unnecessary journey puts others at risk and places health workers under extra stress. Support the health service by staying safely indoors – it’s not much to ask and there’s lots to do if you use your imagination.

Don’t forget to wash your hands with soap or hand sanitiser as often as you can too. Doing it thoroughly kills the virus stone dead.

Have as much fun as you can indoors, and share your experiences on twitter or email me at “itsmontynero at Gmail dot com”.

Here’s the latest UK government instructions:

Thanks for reading.

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