Reviews for Death Sentence London

Death Sentence London is officially out as a book 19th April 2016  – and the reviews so far have been generous.


“The best British comic in years” Buzzfeed

“the best comic-book event so far this year, bar none.” Warped Factor

“Death Sentence: London is quite possibly the most important work of 2015.” Pop Matters”

“Bloody brilliant” Comic Bastards

“messes with your brain, gives you a strange, surreal thrill ride, has one wild, outrageous moment tumble after the next ” Comics Bulletin

“This is a comic-book that makes you feel, makes you think, and leaves you better than you were before you read it” Warped Factor

“like a great punk rock song, full of anger and outrage, energy and excitement, and a bit of scorn for those who don’t understand it” Jason Sacks

“Thought provoking, entertaining & engaging in equal measure” Comics Anonymous

“an uncompromising vision that pushes boundaries and defies expectations, another reminder that comics can be used to tell stories of social and political relevance, while still being gloriously entertaining” Starburst Magazine

“a smart, action-packed comic that will appeal to fans of the genre-bending work of Warren Ellis and Grant Morrison” Harris Smith – Comixology recommends

“Death Sentence London takes us on massively from the original premise” Warped Factor

“This comic has soul and smarts” Comics Bulletin
“Death Sentence takes the very familiar superhero genre, tells it to go to hell, then does something even more interesting” Russ Pirozek, Fanboy Comics

“grabs you by the balls and doesn’t let go” Big Comic Book Page

“Martin Simmonds artwork is stellar here. Ben Templesmith has someone hot on his heels for sure.” Big Comic Book Page

“something just as crazy and wonderful as Grant Morrison would create.” Graphic Policy

“Death Sentence was a singular work of art. How could you top that? Montynero and Martin Simmonds achieve exactly that.” Pop Matters

“the street-smarts and artistic wisdom of Irvine Welsh… with the people-smarts of Mark Twain and the anarchistic ‘fuck you’ of Johnny Rotten” Tony Flyer

“The original Death Sentence was comic of the year and I stated its importance to the genre. What Death Sentence: London has done is keep that importance but you can now feel Monty Nero, comfortable with his craft, breaking down further boundaries with a huge smile on face.” Garbage File

“I’ve never read a comic quite like Death Sentence, and I’m enjoying the wild ride thoroughly.” Comic Crusaders

“Writer MontyNero crafts a clever, gritty story, and artist Martin Simmonds provides amazing visuals, with creative layouts and stunning use of color.” Chuck’s comic of the day

“Simmonds is ridiculously good.. rendering a world torn apart by politics and people power, and bringing a gritty wonder to the whole thing that leaves you conflicted as to whether to turn pages to see what’s next or gaze drooling” Warped Factor

“A darkly funny sci-fi thriller…the story of the most dangerous burnouts on the face of the earth” Comics Buzz

“A series we at PopMatters have always felt tabled cultural and geopolitical issues in a popular format, in much the same way Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins’s seminal Watchmen did for the 20th century” Pop Matters

“Between them, MontyNero and Simmonds deliver a story that is science fiction only in the fundamentals of its concept, but is real in absolutely everything else, its emotions, its renderings, its judgments of the world and the people in it, and its philosophical contemplations of life, death, sex, art, rock and roll and death.” Warped Factor

“a much more complete and engaging set of issues than its predecessor, especially in terms of visual storytelling” Fanboy Comics

“This is a work of true, transformative, punk-rock art.” Warped Factor

This was a real labor of love for Martin Simmonds and me so please do check it out in your local comic/book shop and let us know what you think.

You can buy it anywhere: Try here in the UK or here in the USA.

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